Gururaj Engineers

Gururaj Engineers is based in the Makarpura Industrial Estate at Vadodara, the key industrial area of Gujarat. The company has developed expertise in the line of automation and development of custom-built industrial equipments and instruments. Gururaj has been providing high quality equipments to a widespread base of clients for about 30 years. It manufactures a wide range of products and specializes in Thyristor DC drives; Torque Motor Controllers, Vibrator Feeder Controllers, Timers, Pulse Jet Timers, SSRs, Ratio Cards, ZSRs, Solid State Heating Panels, PLC Based Systems, Custom Built Equipments, other Machine Dedicated Controls, etc.

Gururaj Engineers is also the authorized Solution Provider and Channel Partner of GE - Intelligent Platforms. GE-IP delivers automation hardware and software designed to help users reduce costs and increase efficiency. It provides a diverse product range that includes PLCs, SCADA, Servo / Stepper Motion control, Operator interfaces / HMIs / MMIs and Industrial computers. Gururaj Engineers is proud to present the entire range of GE-IP automation products and solutions.Gururaj Engineers is committed to provide top quality products and services to its customers at competitive prices. It continuously strives to add more products to its wide range of products and assure customer satisfaction.