• Instant OFF & ON of timer does not affect the set time
  • LED Indication for power ON, Clock & Relay ON
  • Quasi Digital Circuit ensuring excellent repeatability & timing accuracy
  • Large timings in hours possible
  • 128 clock LED cycles completes the timing enabling predicting the set time accurately in advance without the actual completion of time
  • ON Delay, OFF Delay, Cyclic trigger type. Momentary / Continuous
  • Star Delta with 2 relays
  • FWD / REV of motors with Dead Band time
  • Instantaneous & Delayed contacts 1 C/O 2 C/O are optionally available
  • Control Voltages 110V, 230V, 415V are standard
  • Other Voltages available on request
Dimensions W : 62 mm X H : 72 mm X D : 110 mm
Supply Voltage Nominal voltage +_ 10%, see name plate rating
Contact ratings 3 AMPS, Resistive at 230 V AC
Repeat timing accuracy ±3 %

Time between power
off and power on
50 milli seconds

Timing 3 seconds to 12 hrs
  • Star Delta Starters, Timers for use in panels, Packaging Machines, Textile Machines, Pharmaceuticals

* Custom Built Multiple Timers in one unit can also be supplied.