GE Presents Battery Chargers for controlling Charging of Battery Operated Devices with ever growing Need of Battery Backup in complex applications.

  • Rapid Charge(Boost Mode) When Batteries Fully Disacharged In Constant Current Mode
  • Fully charged batteries are maintained, using a Float Mode.
  • Boost Current Adjustable
  • Float Current Adjustable
  • LED indication for easy diagnostics
  • Maximum Rated Voltage up to 230 V DC
  • Model For Different Voltage & Current Charging available
  • Overload and Over Current Protection Available
  • Current Limiting Facility Available
  • Single Phase and 2 Phase models Available
Input Power 230 VAC or 415 VAC
Output 12 to 220 VDC, Variable Current into 100 ampere-hour 12 volt lead-acid battery; float current 0 - 1.5 Amps at float voltage of 13.9 VDC, fully temperature-compensated
Operating Temperature 20 to +50 C
  • All Battery Operated Devices
  • Battery Operated Vehicals
  • Battery Operated Cranes & Lifts
  • Battery Charging in Railways

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