• These timers are used for cleaning the bag filters by passing air in the bag filters for a very short time (pulse)
  • This is done in a sequential manner to clean all bag filters in a cyclic fashion
  • The number of bag filters decides the stage / channel of timer
  • The solenoid valves can be energized with the help of electromagnetic relays or through solid state relays
  • Both the ON time and INTERVAL time (between two stages) are adjustable from the front panel
  • LEDs are provided to indicate energisation of each solenoid stage and the interval time is indicated by the clock LED
  • 128 clock LED ON / OFF cycles completes the interval time enabling the user to set the interval time accurately
  • Since the environment around the unit is dusty, the unit is housed in a double enclosure suitable for wall mounting
Nominal Voltage 240 V ˜± 10% 50 Hz(other voltages are available on request)
No of stagese 2 to 8 stages
On time Adjustable 0.1 to 1 sec max through potentiometer on front, Other timings can be provided
Interval time Adjustable 1 min to 15 min max through potentiometer on front
Indications LED indication for Each Stage, Power On, Interval Time
Dimensions W : 96 mm X H : 192 mm X D : 160 mm Wall & Flush mounting
Controls Power switch, Fuse, “ON” & “INTERVAL” potentiometer
Output contacts Potential free 240 V-, 5A resistive, Solid state relays can be offered as an option, please specify the solenoid voltage & current before ordering
Mounting Base plate mounting (Inside Panel)
  • Bag Filters
  • More than eight stage available on request
  • Digital version also available