The Power industry Play’s a critical role in the economic progress of a country. A self sufficient power industry is vital for a nation to achieve economic stability.

India is world's 6th largest energy consumer, accounting for 3.4% of global energy consumption. Due to India's economic rise, the demand for energy has grown at an average of 3.6% per annum over the past 30 years. In June 2010, the installed power generation capacity of India stood at 162,366 MW while the per capita energy consumption stood at 612 kWH. The total demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 950,000 MW by 2030.

About 70% of the electricity consumed in India is generated by thermal power plants, 21% by hydroelectric power plants and 4% by nuclear power plants.

We at Gururaj Engineers offer Thermal Power Plant Solutions for

Coal & Ash Handling system

This system deals mainly with feeding the boiler with coal for combustion purposes and taking care of the ash that is generated during the combustion process and includes equipment and things that is used to handle the transfer and storage of coal and fly ash.

DM Water Plant

This part of the thermal power plant deals with handling of the cooling water required in the system. Since the amount of water required to cool the outgoing steam from the boiler is substantial, it is either taken from a nearby water source such as a river, or it is done through evaporation if the quantity of cooling water available is limited.

Supervisory Monitoring and Alarm System

Most of the power plant operational controls are automatic. However, at times, manual involvement may be required. Thus, the plant is provided with monitors and alarm systems that alert the plant operators when certain operating parameters are seriously deviating from their normal range.

End-to-End solutions for Ash / Coal Handling System, DM Plant, Supervisory Monitoring System SCADA/HMI, and Associated automation Work.