The Legacy

I post-graduated from IIT Bombay in 1971, and the joined TELCO, Pune as a Trainee Engineer. I spent four years of my life, working with controls of special purpose machines. I was a key member of the design team and it was there I got into designing of Electronic Circuitry. In 1977, I came to Vadodara and joined Servo Drives P Ltd as a Senior Manager. I got my first hand experience of Marketing, Administration, Design, Testing and various other domains of a small scale company which helped me to start my factory. I resigned from Servo Drives in 1981 and started my firm Gururaj Engineers in 1982.

Eighties was the period when new technology was trying to enter India, and I had the opportunity to break through. My experience of the past 8 years helped me to develop new controls and troubleshoot the problem of the older systems. I started repairs and maintenance of old machines. The flagship product of my company is a Thyristorized DC Drive. I successfully developed it and that was the turning point of my life. I never looked back. I started with a small premise of 50 Sq FT and today Gururaj Engineers is a widespread manufacturing unit with over 5000 sq feet and over 40 Employees.

The company that had started with repairs and maintenance of older systems has now emerged as the leading system integrator of GE automation products. We now cater to various industry segments like Oil & Gas, Power, Chemicals, Packing and Machine Automation and many more.

My Son, Anant Tilwalli Completed his post graduation from Pune University and joined my in 2007. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur and it is with his overwhelming and untiring efforts that we have grown 5 fold in the last 2 years. Our Clientele now is mainly of Engineering Majors and Public Sector Units. We provide a variety of high end solutions, like Preventive Maintenance, Spares Management and Stationed Engineers along with the regular Controls, Control Panels and other Automation Products.

I owe everything to my father Prof. R.S. Tilwalli. He was one of the finest professors of electrical engineering India has ever produced. He retired as the Vice- Principal and Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. It was he who inculcated the value of Basic Principles of Engineering in me, which changed my view and helped me to come this far.

I look forward with a confidence backed by technical know-how and expertise, to meet the exciting opportunities that the 21st century unfolds before us.

M R Tilwalli