Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Heating Solution

This is a unique solution that is being developed for M/s Pioneer Furnaces, V.U. Nagar

A source of high frequency electricity is used to drive a large alternating current through a coil. This coil is known as the work coil. The passage of current through this coil generates a very intense and rapidly changing magnetic field in the space within the work coil. The work piece to be heated is placed within this intense alternating magnetic field. With proper design, this type of inverter circuit becomes very flexible in its operation and therefore it is ideally suited as a-general purpose variable frequency static-power generator for induction heating loads.

Linearity Testing Panel

This special purpose unit was developed for M/s ABB Ltd, Maneja, Vadodara.

This unit is used to determine the degree of linearity or level of saturation of Choke / Transformer Coil. The data of Rise/Decay of the current of Coil under Test is recorded and Reports are generated using a combination of PLC and SCADA Software.

DC Source

High Capacity DC Sources to the rating of 60v, 3000 Amperes have been developed for M/s SteelCo Gujarat and M/s ABB Ltd. The application is electro-cleaning of Steel Sheets

Control Panel for Indexing & Positioning Mechanism

This high end product has been supplied to BHAVINI through M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Ranoli Heavy Engineering Division. This is a panel special tailored to suit the rotary indexing requirement of Nuclear Power Plant that is coming up in Kalapakkam. This project has got us approvals from IGCAR, BHAVINI and NPCIL.

Control Panel for Balloon Making Machine

A Special Purpose Machine Automation has been developed, supplied and commissioned at M/s Shrinathji Balloon, Waghodia, Vadodara.

Comed Chemicals

This is a Capsule Manufacturing Plant commissioned at Comed Chemicals Limited, Por & Rania plant. It contains touch screen, SCADA system with front end software for different reports as required for 21 CFR part 11. It contains reports like process parameter report, setpoint change report, process parameter deviation report, down time report, etc for shift wise, daily, monthly and yearly basis.

High Voltage Testing

This is a high voltage testing project made for BHEL, Haridwar, supplied through Rectifier & Electronics, Delhi. This project contains PLC and SCADA system for different rate of rise and tripping voltage. It has different test like ramp test, time mode test, withstand test, ramp test etc

Online Lamp Life Time Monitoring & Testing System

This is an Online Lamp Life Time Monitoring & Testing System supplied to ERDA, Vadodara. This system contains LDR arrangement for lamp conditions. It has SCADA system for monitoring and report generation when required for the required group of lamps.