Don’t let size fool you. Although they are easy on valuable panel space, the VersaMax Nano and Micro PLCs are big on features. For high-volume applications where cost and fast processor speeds are an issue, the VersaMax Nano is the PLC of choice. For additional functionality, the modular VersaMax Micro offers the features and the flexibility to match application needs in such industries as food processing, chemicals, packaging, water and wastewater, construction equipment and plastics.

For tight spaces, the VersaMax Nano PLC is the perfect solution. Thanks to its all-in-one construction, installation is a breeze. All you have to do is snap it onto a DIN rail or screw it into a panel. With the VersaMax Nano, you save on initial as well as life cycle costs.

The small-footprint VersaMax Micro PLC offers the flexibility of modular design and a variety of built-in features, including up to 64 I/O points (expandable to 170 I/O points), fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory that multiplies your programming options.

Proficy Machine Edition
Proficy Machine Edition is an advanced software environment for the development and maintenance of machine level automation. Visualization, motion control, and execution logic are developed with a single programmer