Criticality of the current day industrial scenario is the Preventive Maintenance of High End Control Systems. It is a night mare for most of the Unit Heads, that how to minimize downtime, and in case of downtime or shut down, how to get the system up and running.

We, at Gururaj Engineers have come up with a life-saving solution for this critical problem of Down Time Management by deputing a custom tailored team of highly qualified engineers with rich technical experience at the customer’s site.

This team of deputed engineers takes a regular call on the health of the systems, trains the operator as well as the Customer’s Site Engineers for Preventive maintenance, generates reports and advises the plant management pro-actively. This helps the Managers/Operators to avoid the pressure of downtime.

Highlights of Stationed Engineers Services

  • Regular examination of health of the Control System.
  • Periodical Report Generation of Health, its Analysis, Corrective & Preventive Action Suggestions
  • Updating the Customer regarding the obsolete modules/ technology.
  • Advice regarding spares management, its investment schedule.
  • Customized Preventive Maintenance Contract, tailored as per the complexity of the system.
  • Periodical Techno-Commercial Meet with the Customer to increase their know-how about the control systems and the changing technology.
  • Data Backup, Changes/Modification in Program/ SCADA.
  • Supervision Services during shut-down.
  • Well documented and Comprehensive Quarterly report generation.

For whom this service is for.

  • Power Plants
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Fertilizer Complex
  • Pharma Continuous Process