For more precise motion applications, GE Intelligent Platforms offers the VersaMotion line of servo amplifiers and motors. The VersaMotion family of servo amplifiers, ranging in power rating from 100 W to 3 kW and a continuous torque range from 0.3 Nm to 19.1 Nm (2.7 to 169 in-lb), offers a cost effective solution for a broad range of motion applications. The VersaMotion amplifiers have many user options that can be configured using the VersaMotion software tool included in the Proficy Logic Developer software.

Micro Motion

For your motion needs, the VersaMax Micro Plus has built in motion solutions and MicroMotion expansion modules. The incredibly flexible Micro Plus offers motion capabilities for applications with fewer than 4 axes, and are easy to use because they are part of the integrated controller package.

PAC Motion

Productivity, Flexibility, Engineering Productivity
PACMotion maximizes the potential of your machine so that you can sell more. When you have high performance needs that include high-speed motion applications, PACMotion provides the performance, flexibility, and productivity to make the most for your customers. PACMotion is a revolutionary new motion controller for the PACSystems RX3i, breaking the mold of what a motion controller can do. It controls up to 40 axes in a single rack over a high-speed backplane, with a hybrid distributed control architecture to ensure you get the speed and accuracy to maximize your machine.