The Durus Controllers are loaded with features such as easy to use built-in display/keypad, high current outputs, multiple communication options, and are very affordable. The Durus Controllers can be programmed using both the built-in display and keypad or with the Durus Controllers programming software. The Durus Controllers are ideal for applications that require some logic, a few timers/counters and real-time clock control. The Durus Controllers are designed for simple control applications such as light control, gate control, HVAC, pump control and much more.

  • 8 Amp Relay Outputs, isolated
  • Support for Modbus Slave, Profibus Slave and DeviceNet Slave
  • Durus Controllers programming software enables the user to fully simulate the application without the hardware
  • The Memory Module enables easy upgrades
  • Software is free for downloading from the Web (
  • LCD Backlit display for easy viewing in all environments