Inadequate Spares provisioning can lead to high inventory costs and put service revenues at risk. Today, many forecasts look backward for planning decisions, relying on factors such as mean time between failures (MTBF). Without strong historical data, such as spares consumption, it’s difficult to get a solid view of equipment replacement needs.

We are there to help you with your planning for purchase of spares and spares management.

Spares Management Contract Covers

  • Analysis of your system and its health.
  • Reporting of obsolete modules/systems in functioning.
  • A totally planned investment schedule for the purchase of spares.
  • We provide a spare management advisory so that customers invest only for the critical modules and not other.
  • Offering System Upgrades as and when new products and solutions are available to keep up pace with new technology.
  • Avoiding Inventory of unwanted modules and parts which are easily available of the shelf and emphasising on inventory of critical and important modules of the control system